Update: Got my VIN!

Hey guys!

I have a special update…

Today I received my Visa Issuance Number (VIN) from my recruiter via email. Woooo! With this number, I will now be able to apply for my E-2 visa in my home country through the Korean Consulate in Toronto. Once that is done, my school will book my flight for me! However, I have one problem…I decided to get my passport renewed a few days ago & therefore, am still waiting for it to arrive (my E-2 visa needs to be placed inside my new passport). I am definitely cutting it close, as I would like to have my visa placed into my passport before I leave on my last family vacation (Aug 3rd). If worse comes to worse, I’ll have to send it to the consulate when I get back from my vacation. At the moment, l’ve been told my date of departure will be around the August 25th. The date has been fluctuating since it all depends on when my visa is ready. First it was the 18th, now the 25th. Who knows!

I’m not complaining though. Although I am thoroughly excited about going abroad and beginning this new experience, reality is starting to set in. I will be away from family, physically unable to celebrate all of the traditional holidays with all of the people I love. I will miss everyone and everything. Nevertheless, I am convinced this will be a life changing, eye opening experience and I am beyond thrilled!!!

Oh yeah, just for all of you future Torontonians applying for your E-2 visa, you will need:

– 1 colour passport photo
– $50 cash or money order
– Your VIN
– Completed E-2 visa application
– A sealed university transcript
– Completed Health Check Form
– Completed Consulate Check List
– A colour copy of your passport + the original

If you are sending these documents by mail, you will have to send it through Xpresspost along with a prepaid return envelope. Otherwise, you can take the documents in person and drop them off between 9-12 pm. It will take anywhere from 5-10 business days for them to place your work visa into your passport. That’s it!

So, as for some exciting news, I ordered some luggage last week and it was delivered today. Both suitcases are beastly, so I’m hoping they are able to hold a years worth of my life. I’ve also started buying a bunch of stuff I need including health and beauty products, some clothing, medications, bedding etc. I don’t know how much money I have spent in total, but it has been a lot. Between everyday necessities to pack, getting my vaccinations, unlocking my iphone, sending documents back and forth through Xpresspost, purchasing traveling insurance..it has added up! Oh well! It’ll be worth it, I’m sure.

So enough of all that!

I’m going on a mini vacation soon and I am pumped! I’ll be spending a week in the states, traveling to New York City, Atlantic City and Philadelphia starting August 3rd. This will be my first time going to NY. I know right? How is this chick going all the way to South Korea when she hasn’t even been to The Big Apple as of yet. I know, I know. Time to get ‘er done! I will share pictures when I return.

That’s about all for this evening. You’ll hear from me soon!

Oh! I read this article last week and really liked it. Anyone thinking about traveling or already anticipating a trip, big or small will enjoy it as well..

Why You Should Travel Young

Good night!


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