A Little Bit of Everything!

Seeing that I am a whole month late updating everyone on what I did during the Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseouk), I figured it might be fitting to write today since it is Canadian Thanksgiving!!! With that being said.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone at home and all Canadians abroad! I hope everyone is feasting and spending time with the people whose company they enjoy most! 🙂

Ok! So Chuseok was last month. We had a five day weekend, during which time I was able to explore several places in Seoul and Suwon. On our first day, Sarah, Lizzie, Michelle and I went Itaewon (foreign/tourist friendly area of Seoul), where we trekked for a nice westernized breakfast. We feasted at the All American Diner! I was craving pancakes, so that’s exactly what I got. It was quite satisfying.

DSCN2902 DSCN2904 DSCN2906

We then headed to Myeongdong to check out the shopping district. There were tons of boutiques, big department stores, as well as quite a few recognizable brands like H&M and Forever 21 (JACKPOT!).

DSCN2912 DSCN2910

Our last and longest stop was Hongdae, where we visited the Trickeye Museum. We snagged a bunch of awesome pictures. They also opened a new Ice Museum, so we got our money’s worth! I would recommend checking this place out. It’s under $20 for admission and we had a lot of fun!

DSCN2915  DSCN2920  DSCN2921

DSCN2918  DSCN2930  IMG_8078

DSCN2932  DSCN2931

DSCN2941  DSCN2947

DSCN2961  DSCN2966

DSCN2968  DSCN2973

DSCN2951  DSCN2969

DSCN2976  DSCN2977

We finished off our evening by getting Mojitos and Mexican food at On The Border!

IMG_8089  IMG_8088

Our second day off during Chuseok, we walked around the Fortress in Suwon. It’s only about a 20 minute walk away from my place and it was something cheap (actually, free because of the holiday :P) and easy to do! It was a good trek. I’m not sure how far we ended up going because we stopped walking after about 3 hours to catch a taxi home and to get dinner.

DSCN2985  DSCN2995  DSCN3004

DSCN3014  DSCN3030  DSCN3031

DSCN3035  DSCN3037  DSCN3020

DSCN3041  DSCN3033  DSCN3048

Finally, we visited a Yongjusa Temple in Suwon. It was pretty small but it was very quiet and peaceful.

DSCN3054  DSCN3063  DSCN3074

DSCN3061  DSCN3056  DSCN3070

DSCN3065  DSCN3066  DSCN3068

The rest of my break consisted of cleaning, doing groceries and going to the foreign bars a couple of nights. Despite the fact that it was a 5 day weekend, it went by so quickly! It was nice to have the chance to explore my surroundings while the weather was still warm. I’m now looking forward to Halloween and Christmas!

The week we returned to work, we took our Kindergarteners on a field trip to Seoul Land amusement park. They had fun and it was a nice change of environment. We spent the early morning there before heading back just in time for lunch and to teach our afternoon classes.

DSCN3080 DSCN3085 IMG_8092

Yesterday, Michelle and I ventured out into Seoul to visit the Han River. It was awesome to see some greenery, landscape and water. It made me think of being at home. Since we couldn’t track down the bikes, we walked around for a couple hours. We stopped for some fried chicken skewers and even got some beer/coolers to drink. One of the GREAT perks to living here is that you can drink ANYWHERE..in a cab, on the street, outside of your house or like we did, in the park! Once we finished up there, we went to Gangnam to explore some more. Finally, we stopped at TGIF for some fajitas! It was quite an eventful day.

DSCN3086  DSCN3088  DSCN3097

DSCN3104  DSCN3108  DSCN3111

Among other exciting news – tomorrow is PAY DAY! This will be my FIRST paycheck since moving here 50 days ago. Crazy right!? This whole getting paid once a month thing is going to take some getting used to. However, now that I can actually go shopping, I need to go on a hunt for some fall/winter footwear and clothing since I am slacking in that department. I am hoping to make it out this weekend to go on a serious shopping spree.

I will leave you with that for now while I go catch up on some Keeping Up with the Kardashians (yes, it’s my guilty pleasure..don’t judge me).

Good night/good morning! 🙂


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