Happy Howl-O-Ween!

So this past week was Halloween! At home this would serve as an excuse for kids, as well as adults to get dressed up and go trick-o-treating or party up a storm. Here in Korea however, it isn’t such a big deal. I was surprised to find out from my students that they don’t celebrate by going door to door. Instead, they often just celebrate at school. Once they go home, it’s just a regular evening! Luckily, since we teach kindergarteners, the little ones, the foreign and the Korean teachers dressed up and participated in Halloween activities. These activities included a Halloween parade, arts, crafts and colouring during regular teaching time, games and festivities in the auditorium and professional face painting! The kids loved it and had an awesome time. Not to mention, they got a whole bag of candy to take home and so did I! Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll need to purchase chocolate for a while.

I can’t believe it’s already November. Slowly but surely the weather is getting slightly cooler. I feel the constant need to come home after work and change into baggy sweatshirts and comfy sweatpants. The problem is that I didn’t bring enough winter clothing with me so I’ll need to invest in some more winter gear! On a positive note, that will consist of shopping..and really, what girl doesn’t love to shop?

In other EXCITING news, I have booked my flight to Thailand from December 25th-January 1st. This will be my official vacation during our Christmas holiday. Michelle (a coworker) and I will be traveling to Bangkok and Ko Phi Phi. Although all of our travel arrangements have not been confirmed, I am pretty excited about it. We still have to book hotels and work out our itinerary but that shouldn’t be too difficult!

Aside from this, not too much has been going on. This past weekend, I spent most of it indoors, relaxing, resting and catching up on some tv shows. Unfortunately, my laptop is still on the fritz, so I might have to go into Seoul to have it looked at this weekend.

That’s all for now – enjoy the festive pictures!











One thought on “Happy Howl-O-Ween!

  1. The little girl dressed as Belle is adorable!! Glad to read your Halloween went well! 🙂

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