Killer Cut and Bright Lights!

Yesterday I had my first experience going to a hair salon in South Korea. I’ve been wanting to get a good trim since my last haircut was sometime in August. How was it you ask? It was AWESOME! After doing some research, I ended up choosing Juno Hair in Myeongdong due to its rave reviews from other expats online. Now, there are 3 Juno Salon outlets in the same vicinity. I went to outlet #3, next to the Adidas store, on the third floor. Upon walking in, I was greeted by the receptionist who spoke English really well. I told her I wanted a wash and cut and she proceeded to direct me to a table to sit down. After a couple minutes, a hairdresser sat next to me with his iPad in order to start the consultation. He said that it was very important to be specific with what I wanted to ensure no mistakes were made. It was really nice to have someone so concerned about what I wanted! He was really professional and friendly as well. I told him what I wanted and showed him a few pictures I had saved to my phone. He also had a folder full of pictures with celebrity haircuts to assist in the decision process. Once the initial consultation was over, another assistant took my personal items and locked them away. She then helped me into a cloak and dropped the keys to the locker in my pocket. I went to a private room where I sat in a chair with my feet propped up and a hot cloth over my eyes. The assistant shampooed, conditioned and massaged my head for a solid 10 minutes. I literally thought I was going to fall asleep in the chair! I moved into the stylist’s chair and he proceeded to cut my hair, asking me every so often if the length, layers and everything else was okay. He was insanely meticulous. The one thing I found strange was that while cutting my hair, a bunch of other stylists were standing around him watching. I didn’t mind but it was just kind of unexpected. Their system of drying hair is also unique. I had two people dry my hair at once (my stylist and another assistant), one person on either side of my head, drying each layer, perfecting every piece of hair. I think the drying process may have taken longer than the actual cutting process. Nevertheless, the cut and service was excellent! Not to mention it only cost 25,000 Won. I tried to tip but they REFUSED to accept my money. My stylist (his name is Seo Ho, by the way) not only walked me to the door but rode the elevator downstairs with me. Compared to the service at home, the salon service her is impeccable. I highly recommend this outlet and Seo Ho to everyone!

After getting my haircut, I stayed in Myeongdong for a bit, did some shopping and then returned home. I took a power nap, trekked back into Seoul to grab dinner at Bennigans and to check out the Lantern Festival with Emily and Michelle along the famous Cheonggyecheon stream. It was nice to see! The weather was perfect for walking around and it was super busy! This festival must bring in thousands of people from the time it opens until its closing weekend. We had been trying to go for the past two weekends, so I’m happy we finally made it there last night. Describing it probably won’t do it any justice, so here are some visuals for everyone..







Today has been a lazy Sunday, to say the least. I did some laundry, cleaned my place and did some cooking. At this moment, I’m having dinner and listening to some Christmas music, which is seriously putting me in a good mood. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend just as much as I am! Adios!


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