Busan for the Lunar New Year!

As mentioned in my previous post, Michelle and I decided to take a last minute trip to Busan with the WinK (When in Korea) bus tour for our Lunar New Year holiday.

Last Wednesday night, I finished work at 7:10 pm, headed home, had dinner and packed up. Michelle and I then made our way to the Shingal pick up spot. After a long ride on the bus, we arrived in Busan at 5:30 am. We were shown to our motel and since we were tired, we were given time to rest. At 1 pm that same day, we met up with our group guide and he took us to Burger Pasta for lunch. Our motel was less than a 5 minute walk away from Gwanagalli beach, which was amazing. It was a beautiful sunny day. After lunch, we visited a small fair, walked along the beach and finally, Michelle and I stopped for coffee. Thankfully the weather in Busan was much warmer than that of Suwon/ Seoul.





That same evening, the whole group went out for dinner together at a Korean BBQ place. The food was good! After dinner, a few of us decided to grab some drinks from the convenience store and enjoy each other’s company by the beach. At night, the city’s buildings and bridges are completely lit up. This made for awesome scenery. Also, because of the holiday, many people were setting off fireworks and sending paper lanterns up into the air. It was a fun night!


On Friday morning, we woke up early to participate in the first day of tours. Our first location was Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. This is said to be the only temple on/near water in Korea. It had stunning views. We then made our way to the Dalmaji walking trail, followed by lunch at an Indian restaurant called Namaste. After lunch, the group split up. Some people went to an Irish pub, some went to the beach, while a few of us visited the Busan Aquarium. Once we were finished, we headed back to our motel to relax. That night, the group met up for dinner and drinks!













Saturday morning consisted of starting the day off early as well. On this day we visited Taejongdae Cliff Park, the Jalgalchi fish market (which unfortunately ended up being closed because of the holiday), the Nampo shopping area for an all you can eat sushi lunch and lastly, Busan tower. The day was definitely jam packed and I enjoyed visiting all of the tourist sites. Since this was our last night, we all went out for dinner together that evening. We ate dinner at Tony’s, where we tried Makgeolli, a type of Korean rice wine. After dinner, we bar hopped a bit before ending up at Thursday Party. We danced, drank and played games! I’d say it was a pretty eventful night.DSCN3517







DSCN3539 DSCN3542



The infamous locks of love at Busan Tower..





By 11: 30 am on Sunday morning, we had checked out of our motel. Michelle and I spent our last few hours on a boat cruise around Busan, followed by lunch and drinks at the Wolfhound Pub. The cruise was an hour long and it ended up being a picture perfect afternoon. At around 5 pm, we all boarded our tour bus and made the trek back to Seoul.




DSCN3582 DSCN3583


It was a well spent long weekend and I would definitely consider going back to enjoy the beaches of Busan this upcoming summer! 🙂

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