Season of Changes

As winter concludes, a new season begins. Early signs of spring are making themselves apparent already. After work yesterday, I noticed that the sky was still somewhat bright at 630 pm. Also, the past couple days have been really mild and sunny. The shift to warmer weather has definitely been a mood booster.

With all of the seasonal changes come the changes at work and home as well. March marks a new semester at SLP and all of the native English teachers, including myself will begin teaching new classes. Although I will miss my current students, I’m excited for a change. Moreover, two English teachers are leaving and are not being replaced. This leaves SLP with a total of 4 native English teachers. This means we will have a few more classes, but we will be getting paid overtime.

Also added to the list of changes beginning this weekend will be my living space. The lease is up on my current apartment and I have to move to another one. Since two teachers are leaving SLP, Emily and I will move into their apartments. Although this is definitely a pain, as I’ve already become comfortable in my “cube,” my new living space will be bigger. I will also have enough space for a couch and TV, more kitchen counter space and will be a 2 minute walk away from work (versus a 10-15 minute walk). Going home for lunch will be much easier! With that being said, this weekend will busy! I have already started packing up most of my things and have prepared myself for a hectic move.

Next post, I’ll have pictures of all of my new students and possibly my new and improved apartment. For now I leave you with some snapshots of my current little nuggets:









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